Press Highlights - Wedding Features

Press highlights include having my wedding photography featured in many popular publications and blogs in Australia and overseas.

Teagan and Ethan's wedding is currently featured in a 7 page spread in Barossa Bride Magazine Autumn/Winter 2016 Edition 

My beach images have been used on everything from book covers to billboards.

Solo Exhibitions

2008 Art Lounge, Coogee

Group Exhibitions and Awards

Glamorama Gallery | Sculpture by the Sea 2015

Exhibited Finalist / Kings Cross Photographic Prize 2011

Exhibited Finalist  /Getty Images GRAB Australian Life Captured Prize 2010  

Exhibited Finalist / Waverley Art Prize 2008 (2 images exhibited)

ACP Student Exhibition 2007

Runner Up / Mosman Festival Photographic Prize 2007

Highly Commended / Waverley Art Prize 2007 (5 images exhibited)

Exhibited Finalist / Willoughby Art prize, Sydney

“Bright, vivid and full of life, Sheridan’s photoblog is filled with extraordinary shots of everyday scenes captured on sun drenched Australian beaches. With fantastic composition and colours, each photo is an unabashed celebration of the “sun-loving Aussie way of life” and the deep relationship that Australians have with the beach. Her love of the ocean and the beach shines through in her work, with many shots being from around Bondi and Bronte beaches near her home.”

“Every day is a day at the beach for Sheridan. In fact, her entire focus is the relationship Australians have with their beaches. What is especially striking is that there are so many ways to view those relationships, to appreciate the diversity of actions and people that occur on the beaches she photographs. For those of us who have a love affair with salt air, ocean breezes, deep sands, and rolling tides, these images are a reminder of what we worship at the beach. Beaches are reminiscent of fun and frolicking, of summer vacations, winter getaways, and spring breaks. Sheridan reminds us that beaches are also full of serious competitors, exploration, and childlike wonder. It’s obvious why the Australians, and so many others, have deep relationships with beaches. They are a part of who we are.”

Blog Feature | Hooray Magazine

HOORAY is one of my favourites, an Australian produced magazine that celebrates the art of entertaining.  I love seeing my images published and especially on fabulous blogs like Hooray .

"We were sent the sweetest shots of an old-fashioned lemonade stand that we’ve been itching to share with you! While it was used as a real stall, we think these images are the perfect piece of styling inspo for any girly girl’s party. The stall was constructed from old palettes and scraps of timber, and adorned with vintage style bunting, a variety of cake stands and serving trays, lemons, a drink dispenser filled with fresh lemonade (pink lemonade would work so well too) and an array of homemade sweets." - Hooray  You can read the entire article here.

Screen Shot 2015-07-08 at 6.18.11 PM.png

Blog Feature | Karen Willis Holmes - Anna and Graham's wedding

Anna and Graham's wedding has been blogged by renowned Australian designer Karen Willis Holmes. It's great to see your images picked up and featured on an international blog. You can read the entire blog post here.

"Eleven years ago, Anna came into the Paddington boutique looking for her special dress. Anna recalled Karen grafting pieces of lace together to resemble sea foam on the bodice and embellishing with seed pearls by hand. After unfortunately not being able to wear her special gown in her first marriage, Anna wore her gown on the May 5th on a brillantly sunny day in Sydney. Anna added a lace capelet to the gown, but with the support of her 'bullet proof' couture gown she told us how incredibly        beautiful, strong, dignified and chic she felt". - KWH


My image of a gromit showering at Crescent Head looks great as the home page image on a new website for VOOST.

VOOST is a new range of effervescent vitamins and mineral supplements. manufactured by an Australian owned company. 

Magazine Feature

Momazine Wild and Free - Summer 2015

Momazine is a US based publication that is for mothers with creative hearts. Uplifted by positive content and inspired by motherhood and beautiful things its a publication created  for mothers wanting to savour time with their children. The Summer 2015 issue collaborated with Childhood unplugged which is a collective of photographers that are making a conscious effort to  encourage children to get back to the art of play. Letting go of technology , if only for a little while to once again explore the magic of curiosity and imagination. The collaboration in the summer issue celebrated children living wild and free - unplugged from technology.

It was a honour to have my image of a handful of worms  featured in the Momazine Summer 2015 issue.

Book Cover Images

"Dr Rip's Essential Beach Book"  by Rob Brander


Many of us live near the beach, and many more visit the beach on holidays. But just how much do we understand about the beach and its potential hazards? The types of waves and the way they break, tides and their currents, dangerous rips and how to spot them, and why some beaches are safer than others? Every year tens of thousands of people need to be rescued from the ocean because beach-goers don’t possess basic beach safety knowledge and skills. The Essential Beach Book by Dr Rob Brander (aka Dr Rip), a surf-lifesaver and scientist who studies beaches, rips and currents, is a simple, entertaining and useful guide to beach safety, with a solid scientific basis. He explains how beaches form, what drives waves and how rips develop, and offers practical advice to show you how to get the most out of your day at the beach—without risking your life.

"Why You Are Australian - A Letter to My Children" by Nikki Gemmell

When expatriate novelist Nikki Gemmell had her children in London, she chose to give them Aussie citizenship over British. This Is Why. Why you are Australian is an examination of our country thirty years ago and today: all the glory of its sun and water - and all the darkness of tall poppies and Cronulla. How does our land look from way over there, and from right up close? A treatise about what it means to be Australian right now. Honest, moving, provocative, uplifting - an exile's story, a mother's story, an Australian's story. Why you are Australian for anyone who needs reminding. 'Achingly I want you to know what it is to be Aussie kids. Where playing barefoot is a signifier of freedom not impoverishment. Where a backyard's a given not a luxury. Where sunshine and fresh food grow children tall. Where you know what a rash shirt is and a nipper, a Paddle Pop and a Boogie Board.'


Blog Features


Let the kids dress themselves: It's Summer in Australia

Sheridan Nilsson could be my best friend.  At least I feel like that when I see her work.  Her love of the ocean and beach and blue skies just shines right through.  Her work is always happy and lovely and just makes me smile. And I just felt like smiling today and felt like you guys might want to enjoy it as well. When its winter in the U.S., its blazing summer in Australia.  (Of course its always summer on Maui where I am, so no complaining from me). Have a great day!  And summer is just around the corner if you don’t have it already. 

Wendy Laural - Let the kids Dress themselves



Let the kids dress themselves: Beaching It

After yesterday’s technique post on lens flare, I thought that featuring Sheridan Nilsson‘s lovely beach shoot complete with lots of lens flare was perfect.  You know I’m a goner for any sort of beach, sun, and surf photography.  Her photos speak for herself, but we pinned her down with some questions on how she does what she does as well.

~ Wendy Laural - Let the kids Dress themselves





Little Muse Collective: Shoot Love

Like a postcard for Australian tourism this stunning series from Sheridan Nilsson Photography celebrates all that is fabulous about coastal life. Her artful eye and image mastery results in a collection of images that are beautiful, dreamy and rich in colour and movement. Bring on summer!

~ Little Muse Collective




Arts Community

BIO Cup Series

BioPak’s Marketing Manager Adrianne Tasker says the idea to create the new art series was fuelled by the chance to combine art with one of the most consistently used products in a café.“Coffee cups are a great medium for cafés to communicate a particular message to their customers,” says Adrianne. “As part of our mission to raise awareness about the environmental impact of everyday consumption, we decided to attempt to reconnect people with nature and the environment by incorporating environmentally themed artwork.”

Working with curator Kate Armstrong from Okyo, BioPak put the idea into action by printing the six artists’ work onto 8 ounce and 12-ounce size coffee cups. As with all eco-friendly BioPak products, the paper is sourced from managed plantations, the waterproof bioplastic lining is made from a plant-based renewable resource.

"Sheridan captures people in moments; using light play and the environment to frame her subjects. Her understanding of these elements has lead her to be a leading wedding and portrait photographer in Sydney."  ~ Kate Armstrong

Ausfilm Week 24-28 October, 2011

Ausfilm and representatives of the Australian film industry come together in Los Angeles, 24-28 October for Ausfilm Week 2011. Ausfilm Week aims to build and maintain relationships between the Australian and US film industries to encourage co-production of international film and television with Australia.

Ausfilm Week features a series of events covering all aspects of production including film screenings, breakfast seminars, development lunches, a gala dinner and cocktail events where Australian filmmakers and industry professionals discuss filmmaking in Australia with their US colleagues and encourage them to access Australia’s Screen Production Incentives.