Phoenix Cooper | Newborn Lifestyle Session

It’s such a pleasure to be invited into the homes of new parents to meet their fresh little babies, life is so good and sweet in those first few weeks. Readjusting to a new normal as parents and every day something to discover about the little tiny human that you created that is now yours to love and cherish. The parenting journey can be long and hard sometimes but those moments of peace and quiet when you fall deeper in love and bond with your baby are sustenance for the road ahead.

Elijah Bath time, 48 Fresh | Fairfield Hospital

There so many new things to learn when you become a mother it can be overwhelming. I think the first six weeks are. a big learning curve as you try to figure everything out and settle into some sort of routine. So much energy and focus is placed on pregnancy and birth but really they are the run up to what comes next which is motherhood. Elijah was 3 days old when it was time for his first bath under the instruction of the midwife at Fairfield hospital, we thought that the little man was going to love floating in some warm soapy water…well did we get that wrong.

Jerome Family | Northern Beaches Family Lifestyle session

When Katie asked me to shoot her family at the beautiful Freshwater Beach how could I possibly say no. I love this beach at twilight and I love how this handsome young man has such special connection with his father.

Ben & Naomi | Maternity Photography, Manly Beach

Ben and Noemi have been living in Sydney for the past 18 months enjoying the beach lifestyle at Manly. With the impending arrival of their first baby  in the first week of September their Australian adventure has come to an end,  it is now  time to return home to family and friends. Safe travels and all the best for the birth of your baby it was lovely to meet you both.

Twilight Beach Child Portrait Session

“As if you were on fire from within. The moon lives in the lining of your skin.” Pablo Neruda