Royal Randwick Racecourse | Lifestyle Photography

It's an early start for those who work in the horse industry, an army of jockeys, trainers and stable hands start their day at 4am to service the 600 odd racing horses that are stabled at The Royal Randwick Race Course. Here's a snippet of some of the images that I took this morning whilst I documented an average day at the racetrack.

Mark Innes, Farrier | Centennial Park Equestrian Centre

I met Mark the farrier briefly at Centennial Park Equestrian Centre the other week and took a few photos of mark shoeing a horse. Mark was generous enough to allow me to come back a week later to shoot him again working. Mark showed me how horseshoes were traditionally made from a single bar of metal and shaped rather than what is common practice now to use pre made shoes. I have really enjoyed the time I have spent at Centennial Park Equestrian Centre over the past few weeks. I've met some really interesting people and had a insight into their work or their hobby but more than anything their  passion for horses. If anyone in interested in portrait photo session with their horse or a lifestyle session please get in touch I would love to talk to you.