The Lemonade Stand | School Holiday Fundrasing

When I heard that a friends daughter and her girlfriends from school had decided to run a lemonade stall with all the proceeds going to to their schools favourite charity Goods for Girls ,  I headed on over camera in hand to check it out. An old fashioned stall selling home baked cakes and lemonade is a perfect school holiday activity that teaches kids a multitude of life skills such as customer service, sales and commerce . Dan (the worlds greatest dad)  knocked together a stand constructed from forklift pallets and timber found in the council clean-up and with a lick of left over ceiling white paint they had a eye catching  stall. The girls baked up biscuits and cupcakes, made coconut slice and tick -tock teacups and of course home made lemonade and with bunting supplied by Sally (the worlds craftiest mum) they hit the sidewalk to sell on a cold but sunny Sydney winters  day. The stall was an outstanding success raising an incredible $315  for Goods for Girls a charity thats goal is to advance the educational outcomes for girls in Africa and Borneo by providing  girls in rural and developing communities  feminine hygiene products. What a worthwhile way to keep your kids entertained in the school holidays and fund raise for a incredible cause. GO GIRLS!!