Jed , Petra and Jarkko

For years every day I had passed Centennial Park Equestrian Centre to take my dog to Centennial park for a run so I was amazed to find a whole other world existed behind those high brick fences on Darley Road.  I had been asked to photograph some bridles for a friend Sara's company , Pampered Pony at the stables and this is where I met Jed, a very handsome 15 year chestnut  gelding  who is the beloved  horse of Petra and Jarkko . When Petra commissioned me to capture Jed I was pleased to have the opportunity to delve into an area of photography that I had limited experience but was very keen to explore further, equine photography. Jed is Petra and Jarkko's first horse and it was a desire to fulfil a childhood dream of Petra's to learn how to ride and compete in dressage competition that brought them all together. Jed is a beautiful gentle giant of a creature and it has been a pleasure to learn more about the horse world through meeting Petra and Jarkko and of course Jed.