Broome | Lifestyle Commission

A couple of years ago now I was commissioned to shoot around Australia images for the annual report for EFTPOS, one our locations was the amazing Broome in Western Australia. Broome truly is a magical place, full of vibrant colour and vast skies and for a photographer like myself that loves the searing Australian light and rich intense colour it was a dream to shoot. Broome is full of characters only the most hardy survive in this hot remote pearling community and we worked with a local location scout Dan Wood who knows the  top west corner of Australia like no other.  Dan endlessly  travels though WA and the Northern Territory scouting for still shoots and film & television, you can follow his travels through  his instagram feed  17 South.  I am looking forward to the opportunity to head to Broome again and to hopefully to spend some time in the Kimberly's and go whale watching at Ningaloo Reef.