The Peels | Family Lifestyle Beach Session

Winter in Sydney can be sublime, the sun shines. the  ocean for the first part of the season is still a very swimmable 20c and the crowds disappear from the beach. With a cover of light cloud Bronte Beach on Saturday morning was turned into a photographers dream, a huge soft box of delicious light.

Shooting a gorgeous family who have been residing in Bronte about to return to live in the UK., it was a perfect morning to farewell Australia and the beach where they raised their two gorgeous children. Bronte had become their second home. Richard became a keen ocean swimmer, Rebecca running the Bondi to Bronte regularly at dawn as her morning exercise and the Bogey Hole a place where the children spent many lazy summer days building sand castles and swimming.

Safe travels Rebecca and Richard back to the UK to be reunited with much loved family. I hope that the photographs in years to come bring back wonderful memories of your time in Australia. I know that your special friends that bought you this photo session as a gift will miss you dearly, please don't leave it too long to return and visit.