The Simpkin Family | Family Lifestyle Session

I was flattered but nervous when my friend and fellow photographer asked me to photograph her family. soI headed down south to a beach close to her home hoping for a gorgeous twilight but we encountered only silver skies... but great surf. We started our shoot but not long into the session the boys couldn't resist the surf donned their wetsuits and headed into the water. So I turned my camera on Max and Trudy. Max had bought a bottle of champagne the same as he had opened on the day he proposed to Trudy to ease the pain of having to be photographed (life can be hell when your married to a photographer). 

I love these photos of Max and Trudy together you can see and feel their love for each other. We are always photographing our children but often forget to turn the camera on ourselves. Trudy an Max you both are so gorgeous together your boys are so lucky to have you as parents!

The Gow Family | Maternity & Family Session | Sydney Northern Beaches

I last met Max when he was two days old in the hospital it was so nice to see him again and how he has grown. I am looking forward to also meeting his new sibling in the coming weeks. 

Nadine & Angus & Tucker | Family Lifestyle Photography Sydney

When I arrived at Nadines house last week I was greeted on the top step by her 17 year old dog "Tucker" standing guard. It was a steamy Sydney afternoon and all the kids in the street were hanging out and playing and it seemed Angus wanted to join the fun and wasn't too interested in participating in having his photo taken. Nadine pulled out the mother of all bribes a gift Santa had hidden in the hope that Angus might be co-operative. A new toy!! A battery powered tow tuck, yep all Angus was keen on was getting all the kids in the neighbourhood to come up to his place to play with his new toy.Nadine we will schedule a take 2 in the not too distant future!!