The Summer of the Shark

"The summer of the shark" its been dubbed by the newspapers as it seems on a weekly basis beaches are been closed due to large sharks cursing the coastline feeding of schools of bait fish. With "Bruce" still out there somewhere between Newcastle and Sydney all those twilight surfers must be keeping a keen eye out for large shadows cruising in the surf.

Despite unusually high numbers of sharks the beaches are still packed with the water a balmy 24c its perfect for swimming, and we are making the most of it heading off most days after school for a swim. The beaches are packed with kids cooling off and doing what kids have done for decades at Bronte beach, jumping off the top of the cliff into the ocean pool below. Despite all efforts by the council to end this dangerous pastime there are always the kids that shimmy past the barricade & barbed wire and egged on by their friends do the jump. (Snapped  on my iphone )

Shot on my iphone.6